In comparison to Indian Classical Music, Sufi Music, Folk Music and other Indian Keertan traditions, the audio-visual preservation of Gurmat Sangeet is fundamentally required. In this area of research, none of the institution has made efforts.

Gurmat Sangeet Chair, Punjabi University Patiala has established this first kind of Archives of Music dedicated to a well known promoter of Gurmat Sangeet - Sant Sucha Singh of Jawadi Taksal, to preserve the various music traditions i.e. Gurmat Sangeet, Classical Music, Folk Music and Sufi Sangeet. In this archives, various audio-visual recordings of performances and archival interviews of prominent artists have been preserved and also being presented in this website such as complete ragas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Shabad Kirtan in rababi style by Ghulam Mohammad Chand (nephew of Great Gurmat Sangeet maestro Bhai Chand, who has performed Kirtan at Harminder Sahib for many years), Rabab Vadan with playing and learning technique of rabab, Patiala Gharana : A recording of live concert, Patiala Gharana teaching, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Punjabi folk music heritage : A documentation of different rare musical variations of Punjabi folk music, Traditional Punjabi folk singing : A documentation of different rare singing styles of Punjabi legends such as Puran, Heer, Mirza etc., Puadhi Akhara (A vanishing Punjabi folk music form) : A first documentary film on rare folk singing and dancing forms of Puadh region of Punjab, Performances of legends like Ustad Star Khan Tari, Bhai Balbir Singh, Baba Kashinath, Pt. Yashpal, S. Pargat Singh Punjabi, Principal Dyal Singh etc.