Established in 2003, Gurmat Sangeet Chair is the first academic institution at global level which is dedicated to the research, revival & preservation of Gurmat Sangeet. Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi has provided financial support to this Chair of Sikh Sacred Music.

Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa, Chairperson, Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi and S. Swarn Singh Boparai, then Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for establishing this Chair on March 26, 2003. The Foundation is successfully honoring their commitment to donate a sum of Rupees Six Lakh as annual grant for fifteen years.

In the administration of Gurmat Sangeet Chair, a Bhai Randhir Singh On-line Gurmat Sangeet Library has been established. In this library, collection of Gurmat Sangeet Books, Research Papers, Research Articles and other relevant literature has been digitized and presented in Website form which has been launched by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh on 3rd December, 2010. The name of the website is

Another major highlight of this Chair is an Archives of Music dedicated to Sant Sucha Singh which has been established to preserve the music traditions - Gurmat Sangeet, Classical Music, Folk Music and Sufi Sangeet. A vast collection of these music streams is being presented in this website including some memorable archival interviews of various artists.

As an initial effort to promote Gurmat Sangeet tradition, Punjabi University also has allocated a beautiful piece of land in natural surroundings to construct a building of Gurmat Sangeet Bhawan. With the financial aids of donors from all over the world, first phase of this building has been successfully constructed.

MoU Signing Photo
Dr. Gurnam Singh (Founder Professor & Head)
Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa
Group Photo - Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi
Gurmat Sangeet Bhawan
Gurmat Sangeet Chair Activities
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Gurmat_Sangeet_Chair Activities
Gurmat Sangeet Utsav

To highlight the performances of renowned Kirtankaars and musicians, an annual music conference named as Gurmat Sangeet Utsav is being continuously organized by the Department. The main purpose of this conference is the revival of original Sikh Sacred Music tradition.

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18 Nov., 2003   27-28 Feb., 2006   26-28 Oct., 2006
23-24 Oct., 2007
6 March, 2009
9 March, 2010
11-15 Oct., 2010   11-15 Oct., 2011   18 to 20 Sep, 2012
1 nov 2013   13 oct 2014    
Dr. Jaspal Singh

Under the stewardship of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh, Gurmat Sangeet Chair started an annual Classical Music Festival dedicated to Rababi Bhai Mardana ji in 2008. This 3-day annual feature is aimed to promote tradition of Classical music in this region. The Chair with the joint collaboration of Department of Gurmat Sangeet has successfully organized two Rababi Bhai Mardana Classical Music Festivals in the year 2008 and 2009 respectively. The University also honours an award to Punjabi Classical musicians. The first award was given in 2008 to Singh Bandhu S. Surinder Singh, Delhi and in 2009, this award was honoured to Pt. Yashpal, Chandigarh of Agra Gharana.

S.Surinder Singh 'Singh Bandhu'
Pt. Yashpal
2012   Pt.Baldev Raj verma
2013   Ustad Lachhman Singh Seen
2014   Prin. Narinder Narula
2015   Pt. Somdutt Battu

Under the leadership of Dr. Gurnam Singh, Founder Professor & Head, Gurmat Sangeet Chair, a team of scholars and musicians explored the original version of Rabab prevalent in Sikh Music. Finally, Firandia Rabab was introduced, dedicated to Bhai Firanda who with the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev ji, presented Rabab to Bhai Mardana at the place of Bhairoana, Sultanpur Lodhi. After this, the playing

tradition of Rabab originated in Gurmat Sangeet. Gurmat Sangeet Chair also procured Rababi Bhai Mardana with the same Rabab as emblem of the Chair. The Chair also organized training workshops of string instruments Rabab, Saranda, Taus, Dilruba with the joint collaboration of Department of Gurmat Sangeet.

With the initiative of Jathedar Avtar Singh, President, Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee, on dated 24-25 March, 2006, Dr. Gurnam Singh, Founder Professor & Head, Gurmat Sangeet Chair performed Keertan with all string instruments and after this along with live Keertan performances of Sri Darbar Sahib, playing of string instruments has begun regularly. Various students from Department of Gurmat Sangeet, Punjabi University Patiala and other institutions have been recruited by Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee, Amritsar as string instrument players.
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S. Amandeep Singh
Rishi Ranjan
Rababi Kirtan Tradition is an integral part of Gurmat Sangeet. Before partition, Rababis were regular Keertan performers at Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar and different Gharanas of Rababis were actively engaged in the Keertan practice. For the revival of Rababi Kirtan Tradition, the Chair has made special efforts and organized various training workshops with the exponents Rababi Bhai Ghulam Mohammad Chand and Bhai Laal from Pakistan in 2005 and 2006.
Rababi Bhai Chand
Rababi Bhai Lal
For the world wide promotion, the chair has also released some prominent audio visual recordings in a very short span of few years.

  Gurmat Sangeet Utsav – In 2-VCDs, a Live Recording of prominent Keertan performers, in collaboration with T.Series.
  Puadhi Akhara – A documentary film in both English and Punjabi version
  Shabad Kirtan – A live recording of Rababi Bhai Ghulam Mohammad Chand from Pakistan
Parhtaal Shabad Gayaki – In 7-CDs audio recording of 55 Parhtaal compositions in the voice of different prominent Keertankars in collaboration with Fine Touch company
  Punjabi Folk Music Heritage – A Documentary Film in English

Punjabi Lok Sangeet Virasat – A Documentary Film in Punjabi
  Traditional Punjabi Folk Singing – A Recording of various traditional folk singing styles