On the eve of 400th Anniversary of first Parkash Utsav of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, under the leadership of Vice Chancellor S. Swarn Singh Boparai, Syndicate of Punjabi University, Patiala, established an independent Department of Gurmat Sangeet.In this field Recognising

the contribution of renowned scholar and musician Dr. Gurnam Singh, Punjabi University authorities designated him as Founder Professor & Head.
On August 4, 2004, Singh Sahib Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti inaugurated the post-graduate course in Gurmat Sangeet. The main objective of this Department is comprehensive academic propagation of Sikh Sacred Music tradition at global level through teaching and research.
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_Gurmat Sangeet Department Activities_
Gurmat Sangeet Utsav
To highlight the performances of renowned Kirtankaars and musicians, an annual music conference named as Gurmat Sangeet Utsav is being continuously organized by the Department. The main purpose of this conference is the revival of original Sikh Sacred Music tradition from all aspects.
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18 Nov., 2003   27-28 Feb., 2006   26-28 Oct., 2006
23-24 Oct., 2007
6 March, 2009
9 March, 2010
11-15 Oct., 2010   11-15 Oct., 2011   20 Sept ., 2012
Gurmat Sangeet Competition
Gurmat Sangeet Competition is an annual feature of the Department in which competitions are held in Gurmat Sangeet Vocal (Gayan), playing of string instruments and precussion instruments (Tanti Saaz and Taal Saaz) in Senior and Junior categories to promote Gurmat Sangeet in next generation. To encourage the winners, Department of Gurmat Sangeet, Gurmat Sangeet Chair and other facilitators of Gurmat Sangeet are regularly contributing cash prizes. Since 2006, the Department has successfully organized five Gurmat Sangeet Competitions till now.
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26-27 Oct, 2006
20-22 Sept, 2007
1-5 Sept, 2008
8-10 Sept,2009
  11-14 Oct ,2010   11-14 Oct ,2011
19 Sept, 2012        
Keertankaar Training Program

Department is regularly organizing Keertankaar Training Program which includes the training of string instruments and Keertankars for Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee and other organizations.

Annual Memorial Functions

To inspire the researchers and students, the Department is very much concerned about mortalizing the memories of the legends in the field. The main Annual Memorial Functions of Department include Bhai Avtar Singh Simrati Smaroh, Padam Shri Ustad Sohan Singh Simrati Samaroh and Prof. Tara Singh Simrati Smaroh.

Bhai Avtar Singh Simrati Smaroh _ _
Padam Shri Ustad Sohan Singh Simrati Samaroh    
Prof. Tara Singh Simrati Smaroh